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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge: Day 4

Fall Fashion Challenge:
Day 4: Your Favorite Era

Another news flash - I don't really have any clothes from my favorite eras...HOWEVER - this year for Halloween I dressed as a hippie, and made some bell-bottom jeans for the outfit. So my decade for this day is...

The 1970s!
(with a bit of a modern flair :))

Blouse - Goodwill
Shawl-thing (I can't remember the real name :P) - Sears
Jeans - Goodwill, with bells added by me with fabric from JoAnn
Platforms - Mudd, from Goodwill

Jewelry - Kmart


Nela said...

Love your outfit, (especially the shawl and jeans)! You look very pretty in it. :)

Ella said...


Bethany said...

hehe!! love it!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I totally love the '70's style! Love the outfit, it's wonderful together!