Regency Chemise

What's a historical outfit without proper era-accurate underpinnings? 

This project, finished in 2017, was completely hand-stitched, following Sense & Sensibility's Regency Underthings pattern (details to follow.)  Here's a glimpse at the construction:

There is something very satisfying about a flat-felled seam.


Pattern Used: I used Sense & Sensibility's Regency Underthings pattern.  I had used it years ago to make a chemise in plain cotton and returned to it again because it's an easy pattern to follow, and, well, why buy a new pattern when you already have a good one? 

Alterations to the pattern? The only change I made, if I remember right, was adding to the length.  I'm not sure why I decided to do that, but I did.  

Fabric Used: I used a light-weight linen fabric for ultimate breathability and historical accuracy.  The cording came from Burnley & Trowbridge. 

Would you sew it again? Maybe... it's a simple, straightforward pattern to follow.  But I'm always seeing these chemises with little puffed sleeves, and I'm kind of leaning towards that style for my next chemise. Who doesn't want little puffed sleeves, even if no one sees them? 

Would you recommend it to others? Definitely, especially if you are starting off.  You'll learn some interesting construction techniques and have a good foundation to start off your Regency wardrobe. 


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