Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Wow! I can't believe how many people voted the '50's jumper on the poll!

So I have decided, ("I have really almost made up my mind" ;-) ) to make the jumper. I think I will make it out of corduroy, which is on sale at JoAnn's right now (we are planning on going tomorrow.) It will be cheaper than making the skirt just now, and I believe the Lord wants me to use a majority of the money in a ministry opportunity for someone. Besides, corduroy just sounds cozy and fun-- I haven't worked with it before. (Any suggestions?)

Keep your eyes on Jesus!



Gabrielle Renee said...

It is going to be so pretty! In corduroy too! I just made a skirt out of corduroy! What color are you thinking of? Corduroy is really easy to work with. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thats funny! We just went to Jo~Ann's today!

Have fun with the Jumper!!
Looking forward to see it!

God Bless ya'll

Elinor Dashwood said...

Oops! I forgot to mention the color I was thinking of. I'm thinking of doing it in teal. I don't have any other clothes in teal, but really like the color. If they don't have that color then, well, I'll just decide then! :-)

Gabrielle Renee said...

Teal will be lovely! I ALMOST bought some when I was there the other day...

Leah said...

Oh I'm SO EXCITED!!! Corduroy is absolutely DELICIOUS! I can't wait to see what it looks like! :)