Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Could I Be So Forgetful?

Okay, remember Alex, mentioned in this post?


Alex proposed (a couple months ago! :-P )... and she said yes. :-D

So now I'm getting ready to embark on sewing three out of the five bridesmaid dresses. They will be made in cornflower blue satin (JoAnn's Casa Collection) and have dark blue sashes. I'll be using this pattern:
with some alterations.


*off to cut out some mock-ups*

(I'll nag Marianne and see if she will post more about the proposal's very cute. ;-) )


beast'sbelle said...

Congratulations, Marianne!! :D I hope you and "Colonel Brandon" have a wonderful life together, full of God's blessings. :)

Mary said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting! Yes please do post more about the proposal, I love hearing sweet proposal stories. :) God bless you and give you much happiness in your future together!

SinginginHisName said...

Oh my goodness! I am so happy for them and for your family. May God bless Alex and your sister as they enter marriage. May the Lord bless this time in their lives and your families as you prepare for the wedding. Lovely pattern choice for the dresses as well! can't wait to see photos.

In Christ,

Miss Laurie said...

Yay! That's wonderful news! I pray that the Lord continues to richly bless both of them! And praying for you Elinor as you work on those bridesmaid dresses, they sound lovely! :)

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Elegance of Fashion said...


Lillian said...

I am so glad for them!!!

Melody said...

Oohhh... Lovely, lovely. :)

Lady B said...

Ah! Oh my goodness, congratulations!!! I am happy for them!
Through Christ,