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Monday, June 18, 2012

Miss Dashwood Has Returned!

One day Miss Elinor Dashwood decided to take matters into her own hands.  Because, in the 21st century, if a single young woman cannot inherit a fortune, she can still earn it, unlike in the days of Miss Elinor Dashwood the First.  So she did something more along the lines of Anne Shirley and went away to college to study to be a teacher.  However, in order to learn how to make money, you must have money to pay for the learning, so her busyness was added to when she took a job in food services, which was not her ideal, but it must be done.

Not only that, but there was, in those parts, a certain gentleman whom she liked very much. Contrary to the story, it was not Mr. Ferrars, rather, his name was Kyle and he was more of a mix of Mr. Tilney and Mr. Darcy, with a pinch of Mr. Knightly thrown in, but mostly Mr. Tilney.  Anyway, she liked this gentleman very much, and he liked her, and they decided they liked each other enough to be boyfriend and girlfriend.  So now, with school and work, Miss Dashwood also had dinner dates and movie nights and visits with families and such, which, all things together, distracted her from her sewing for many months because she kept so incredibly busy.

Then one day Miss Dashwood and Kyle and some other friends went to a reenactment called Muster on the Maumee, where many groups of reenactors from various areas get together for one big event.  At the Muster was a shop, and in that shop were fabrics, shawls, hats, and other articles of clothing from the Regency era.  Among those fabrics was a lovely yellow fabric with a blue floral print that reminded her greatly of a gown worn by Miss Woodhouse in the most recent film adaption of Emma.  It cost more than Miss Dashwood, in her financial wisdom, usually cared to pay, but knowing it was not often that one finds a fabric they known so definitely that they want, and realizing that it had been well over a year since she had made a Regency gown for herself, she decided to buy it.

She and her friend, Miss Hayley, then began to plot to make themselves both Regency ensembles and attend a Jane Austen festival in Kentucky in July.  Whereas this plan is yet to be decided, the plan for the dress has been mostly definitely decided and the fabric is currently being washed before being cut up into pieces for a lovely Regency gown which shall look a bit like this:

Only it will probably have a gathered front bodice rather than darts.  But the overall look will be the same.

So that's what's been going on in my life!! I am sorry to be so absent!  I seriously haven't done any sewing since I started college, except for finishing up a simple skirt which I should get pictures of and post.  Anyway.... so, yes, life has been busy, what with college and work, and yes, do not doubt the narrative despite its fictional style, I do have a young man in my life named Kyle and he is awesome!! :)  We've actually been talking for about a year now, but have been officially dating since January. :)  And yes, he does remind me very much of Henry Tilney. ;)
So that's what's new with Elinor Dashwood!  I will hopefully get to work on that new dress this week, as well as some extra Regency accessories, so I will try to keep you updated! :)

P.S. I have also recently started a new blog called This Amazing Grace, which basically contains reflections from my spiritual journey, especially from this last year.  Feel free to visit if you like.


SisterlyLove said...

Love the style of writing. Lovely story! :) Can't wait to see your beautiful dress!


TomWildRose said...

Welcome back, Miss "Elinor"! You have been missed in the Blogosphere, especially on the sewing front. Isn't is lovely when God drops the perfect fabric for a pet project right in your lap? I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to seeing the finished product, and in wishing you a good time at the upcoming Jane Austen festival.

God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~

Lauren said...

Nice to see you post:-) It's nice to here about what's going on in you life right now! I'm off to check out your new blog...good luck with your new dress!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Hello dear Melanie! It was very exciting to read this post from you and hear what the Lord has been doing in your life lately!

Your fabric for your new Regency dress is exquisite!

So you think you might go to the Jane Austen Festival in Kentucky this summer? You're the first person I've heard who might be going! Since I live in Kentucky now I might also be coming down to attend at least on the Saturday. It would be lovely to make your acquaintance if we should happen to bump into each other there! :)

God Bless,
Miss Laurie