Monday, August 29, 2016

Shout Out Into the Void

Hello everyone!

It's been several years since I was here last and it feels a bit like pushing open the creaky door to a rickety wooden house and treading carefully, searching to see if anyone is still here.

This is Elinor, a.k.a. Melanie, several years older and now a college graduate.  I feel like a very different person than I was last time I wrote here. Since then, I have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Creative Writing, studied abroad in South Korea twice, led a club for Korean exchange students at my university, moved into my own apartment in Northeastern Ohio, gained two precious nephews, developed new views and philosophies, published creative and journalistic writings in several journals and magazines, and met the Love of My Life, Julian.

Now that I am done with school and have my own place, I am really hoping to get back into sewing costumes and selling doll clothes. Julian recently traveled to London and brought back several books for me from the Victoria and Albert Museum's costume collection, which heavily inspired me to get back into costuming (even though I've been talking about getting back into it ever since my last post here.)  I think I am at a place now where I realistically can, so I am reinstating this blog to document my journey.  I'll be cleaning it up a bit and publishing some posts about current inspiration and upcoming projects. I also hope to finally show you pictures of my finished Regency dress that I had told you about last time.

I am excited to get to know you all again.

Yours truly,

Melanie (Elinor)


TomWildRose said...

Welcome back, "Elinor"!
Congratulations on your nephews, your Adventures in the Real World, and in meeting your Soul Mate. Good stuff, all round!

Life is full of bends in the road, and one never knows where the next bend will lead. Looking forward to reading about your latest journey in the exciting world of costuming!

God bless,
~R.R. Goodwill~
AKA Tom Wild Rose

Melanie A said...

Hi Tom Wild Rose! Thank you for your comment~ it's good to hear from you again! :D

Melody said...

I saw your Regency dress post in my dashboard and I was like "Wait... who is this???" Welcome back! It feels like you were leaving the blogging world just as I was entering it, haha, which always felt like such a shame to me. So many lovely posts! I look forward to seeing what lies in store (even though I, sorry to say, am a bit of hit-and-miss blogger now myself).

So, I must ask-- are you a novelist as well? :)

Melanie A said...

Hi Melody!

Thank you for your comment! I just looked at your blog and it's really interesting! :D I'm looking forward to keeping up with it.

I would like to consider myself a novelist, but I haven't actually completed a novel since 2010 :( (Though I worked on one for a class last fall, but never finished it (yet.)) My goal eventually is to write and publish novels, though. It's always been one of my favorite hobbies and I really need to find a schedule and some inspiration and get back into it. What do you like to write?

Again, thank you for your comment! It's great to meet you. :)


OldFashionGirl said...

Huzzah! I could not be more thrilled! Welcome back! (and I love your new header photo!) It is interesting how we bloggers grow up, and change. Congrats on graduating, getting your own place and finding your man.

Take care,

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

So glad to see you're back! :D (Sorry I'm so late getting to this post.) :} Welcome back!! :)