Saturday, September 17, 2016


This last week I finally set up a sewing area in my apartment. It's the first designated sewing area I've had since I moved out of my parents' house in January 2012, so I am pretty excited. There's just something so motivating about having a special place just for crafting and sewing.

This picture is hardly an accurate representation of what it will be once I actually get into sewing.  For one thing, I have at least three tubs of fabric still at my parents' house, that I have yet to bring over and sort. Also, While I love having a place for everything, I have a harder time keeping everything in its place.  

But I'm happy with how it is now.  I have different projects organized in small tubs (thanks, Costco), and separated fabrics by type and color. Then there is a shelf dedicated to shipping materials for my Etsy shop. Ladies and gentlemen, we are good to go.

Speaking of Etsy, I relisted a couple items this last week to start easing people back into awareness of the shop and to give a preview of what is to come.  The two items sold out pretty quickly, so I am feeling very positive for the future of my shop.

I am currently preparing to make a couple more modern-style dresses, as well as putting together a Regency line which I hope to introduce all at once. More to follow.

The challenge is finding the time to sew. I work 10-4 (9-5 if you include the drive) Monday through Fridays and also spend a great deal of time attending art festivals and orchestras, exploring Cleveland MetroParks, trying Cleveland's dining scene, and just generally spending time with My Love, and besides all that, I write for an arts, culture, and music magazine out of Akron, Ohio, so altogether, I just don't have as much time as I'd like for sewing.  But now that my sewing area is all set up, I should be able to fit in an hour or more throughout the week for working on my projects. Hopefully by the end of next week, I can say that was actually the case.


TomWildRose said...

Having a dedicated space for one's creative hobbies is certainly a blessing!

Those doll clothes are so cute! Best wishes with your endeavors.

God bless,
~"Tom Wild Rose"~

Liberata said...

I love the plaid jumper.