Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blue Regency Gown

This is the first historical dress that I made for myself!

Pattern Used: Simplicity #4055, View B
Days it Took to Make It: About 3 days
Satisfaction: ****


This was my first Regency gown to make; therefore, it is mainly drawn right from the pattern with no alterations. It was an easy pattern to go by and it didn't take me very long to make it!


The one challenge I had with this dress was fastening it in the back. The directions say that to fasten it in the back, you tie it at the top (the drawstring goes through a channel around the neck), and at the waistline (another drawstring goes through a channel at the bottom of the bodice). However, I found that it gapped horribly! So, my solution for this dress was to add hooks-and-eyes. As you can see, it still gapes a little.

Look! It's Catherine Morland, enjoying tea with her friends, Mr. and Miss Tilney, at Northanger Abbey! Surely there must be some mystery to uproot here...

Note: To go with this dress, I made a historical accurate chemise, short stays, and a petticoat from Jenny Chancey's Regency Undergarments pattern. I highly recommend that pattern as it is fun, relatively easy, and very accurate.

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Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

I've always loved this dress that you made! The blue colour is soooo rich and beautiful.