Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Building a Pattern Wardrobe

Shannon is having a fun series of posts on her blog, on how to create a wardrobe out of a few basic patterns. She has some delightful ideas on there; you might like to check them out! :-)


Shannon said...

I just found your blog through the Sense and Sensibility forum, and what do I find! :-) Thank you for your kind words!

Yours in Christ,

PS -- I just changed my address to

Elinor Dashwood said...

Hi, Shannon! :-D
I enjoyed your series of Wardrobe posts very much and was happy to share it with others! :-)

Elinor Dashwood said...

BTW, Shannon, I thought I should also mention that I comment on your blog under the profile name "Melanie". I use a different profile for Hooks and Needles. :-)