Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Step #1 to an Edwardian wardrobe

The Lord has graciously provided a way for me to start collecting patterns for our intended Canada trip next year. It came as a direct answer to prayer, and I pray that I will glorify Him in how I use it! He is so good.

Using the surprise gift certificate I received from Sense & Sensibility, I chose to start by purchasing the Edwardian blouse pattern. The pattern contains such a delightful variety of blouses that one can make a whole wardrobe of blouses out that $7.95 download! The blouse can button in the front or in the back, be smooth or gathered, and feature embroidery or lace. It can be worn without or without a corset. One may also choose from a wide variety of sleeve styles and necklines. I love the thought of this pattern because it can be adapted for historical or modern wear. I could wear an "Anne" dress to the store and people probably wouldn't think I'm all that weird. So I'd hope, at least. :-)

Below are some fun blouse inspirations, as well as other features that I plan to add to my collection.

Even though it is "just historical costuming", may God still receive the glory!


AnneGirl said...

I would love to have an "Anne" wardrobe! And to go to Canada in it! I really want to sew some "Anne" skirts this fall, with a nice blouse and a jacket, I think I could pull it off, without is looking too historical!

Soli deo Gloria!

~Gabrielle Renee

Bethany A. said...


Meg said...

I love the one of Anne riding the bike. I always thought that was a gorgeous outfit!

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

I LOVE that vest,ever since I saw the movie last year I've wanted to have a vest like that!!! and I could totally pull it off, too....we'll just need to get me a bike, you to make me some Anne-clothes (since I'm sick of sewing...made the other Regency dress in 1 1/2 days!) and electrify my hair and kaPOW! You got an Anne Shirley! lol!!! -_^

Hugs!! Love you, hopefully we can meet up!! I gave Bethy our cell phone number...are you going down to church area on Sat?? Maybe we could meet up for a picnic dinner if ya'lls couldn't make it up here.

Elinor Dashwood said...

Hey Toria, you're right! Even down to the red hair! LOL :-D
There is actually a tutorial for "Anne" hair at www.intimelyfashion.org. I'll email you about weekend plans. :-)

Gabrielle, You and I will have to exchange Anne-wardrobe ideas. :-D How fun! :-D