Friday, January 22, 2010

New Patterns (again)! :-P

I know I need to stop by patterns and actually make something out of them. But, really, I am planning on using them, seriously! :-)

My Laughing Moon corset pattern arrived today. I am SO excited!
Yesterday at JoAnn's I bought some new patterns that I've had my eye on. Hey, they were only 99 cents! :-P
Are these not, like, so cute?? I love them because they (at least the view on the right) are so modest and feminine. I also saw some absolutely breath-takingly ADORABLE (!!!!!!) fabric that I am determined to buy to make the following dress (center photo on package) for our tentative trip to Florida... or Canada... which ever works out for this year! :-) It's a very "Florida-y" print and I am absolutely in love with it. :-D
What projects are you working on right now?


Emily Anne said...

I am kind of taking a sewing break right now.. I miss it though. I should start making aprons again. :)

Love the patterns, by the way.

Blessings- Emily Anne

Caroline said...

I am working on a white bodiced petticoat to go under my new *planned* Regency dress. The fabric for my dress is sheer (gauze, I'm in love!) so I needed to make something cover my stays.

Happy sewing to you :)!

Gabrielle Renee said...

Lovely patterns! The last pattern is so pretty! I shall have to see if I have it. I probably do. :P


Marian said...

I was looking at that jacket pattern at JoAnn's--it's really cute!!! I got a blouse pattern, a coat pattern, and a jumper pattern recently...right now I'm working on doll outfits, and am going to start a costume for my brother soon. =)

SinginginHisName said...

Lovely patterns! I really would love to get the pants pattern too! I love the feminine look of a flowy pant. Its so feminine! this is a dream for me to be able to make them someday!

Right now I working on a civil war quilt that my mother put together, but now I am hand quilting it. I love hand quilting while watching movies, listening to audio CD's. I have been listening to some CD's about the American Revolution for school, so this is a perfect project to do while listening. I can concentrate on the information, but still get something sewn too. :)

I also have a cotten night gown cut out and ready to be sewn sometime in the coming weeks. I also have a bias plaid skirt cut out and already partially put together I just need to finish this coming week as well. I am also planning to cut out another quilt sometime soon after I finish this one. Our family really needs more civil war quilts for our impression at reenactments, instead of modern blankets that are not period.

well that was a long list and lots of rambling. hehe! lots of projects! Glad you could get some patterns on sale! I only buy patterns at Joannes on sale!

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a dress for my little sister, and I'm planning a lot more ( such as a prairie-style doll dress, crochet things for others... :D Too much!).

Elinor Dashwood said...

How fun! I enjoyed reading all the projects you girls are working on. :-D