Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Work Area and a New Blouse...

I finally organized my work area!! It was becoming such a mess and I had all sorts of everything bulging out of my sewing basket and out of my cardboard box that is meant only to store my patterns in.... so I rearranged some of our plastic tubs downstairs and emptied a whole one to use for my stuff. So now it's tucked in the corner of my room, with notions and such in the top drawer, fabric for projects-for-the-near-future in the second drawer, and fabric for later-on projects in the bottom drawer. :-) I'm not the most organized person but this works a lot better than what I was doing. :-)
I am almost done with Anna's dress and have a couple more to make, and then I am going to (try to) work on my Simplicity 3686, View B. I got a new blouse that will go really nicely with that style and the fabric that I bought for it. I have actually had my eye on this blouse since early February, but it was about $20 which I know is relatively inexpensive but I still don't want to pay that much as I don't have a regular income. We went to KMart again today and at first I thought they were all gone, but then I found two left in the clearance section, for under $3.00!!! And one of them was my size!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D I am so praising the Lord; I had actually prayed as we were driving there that the blouses might be on sale, but I had not imagined they would be that much on sale! :-D

So here's that just for fun:

The ties that were supposed to go with it are missing but I can easily make my own. I am also going to add an extra button on the white part of the closure above the mock vest, for modesty's sake. :-)

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL day! Remember Him who created it and glorify Him for His awesome goodness!


Marianne Dashwood said...

Your room looks lovely, darling. ;)

Gabrielle Renee said...

I'm glad you organized your sewing! :D

The shirt is lovely!

Lillian said...

That's so awesome! That happened to me once, with some fabric that I loved and was going to make a dress of...but they didn't have enough on the bolt :( Then, I was just walking around the store and saw on a rack of fabric they hadn't put out - a whole bolt of the one that I wanted! I was very happy.