Monday, June 21, 2010

Regarding Commenting

Hey all!

Just a quick post about commenting... I LOVE your comments and enjoy getting them (as it lets me know people have been reading our blog. ;-) ) Those are always fun.

However, I do have guidelines in the comments section for leaving comments, which I thought I'd remind you all of, as I've been getting comments that haven't been keeping the guidelines.
Here's what the note in the comments section says:

"Thank you for visiting Hooks and Needles! You are welcome to leave a message here with a comment or a question. The only requirements are that you use clean, kind speech, and that you sign your name if you are publishing under the 'Anonymous' option."

So, like I said, I love your comments, everyone, just please strive to keep to the guidelines. (The Anonymous option is merely for those who don't have a blog to link to, so they can still comment, but I would really prefer to have a name to call you when I reply, so please sign your first name (or a nickname, if you feel more comfortable with that) at the end.)

Thanks! Have a wonderful week!


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Johanna said...

Elinor, I would Love if you emailed these graphics to me! That would be wonderful!