Saturday, November 13, 2010

Meet Fred

My new Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger arrived this week!  Isn't he great?
I don't usually name objects, but I had a reason for naming this one.  It all started with an amusing Facebook conversation.

Me (status): "Mommy and I ordered my Brother 1043D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger (in short, my serger) today!! :D :D :D YAY!!"

DS: "Confused for about 20 seconds as I thought you were saying you ordered a brother! I didn't think it could be that easy. Anyways, congratulations on your new arrival. :) "

SJ:  "I was filled with the same confusion as D.S. and about to write Frances a congrats note... then kept reading. Whoo. That was close."

AW: " :D I thought you were saying that you ordered your brother a Serger...hmmm. ;) "

I finally said I should have ordered a Babylock instead. 
Anyway, all the joke about a "Brother" gave me the idea to name it.  So I named it Fred.  I have sewed a little with the thread that came with it; I haven't tried threading it yet though.  Hopefully I'll do that on Monday.  Anyway, I'm very happy with it.

Let's see.... what have I gotten done since I posted last?

Well, I didn't get to sew as much as I had meant to this week.  I did buy the sheer fabric for the sleeves on my Regency dress, and have made one of the sleeves so far-- I really like it with the sheer overlay.  I cut out the bodice for Margaret's bodiced petticoat today but didn't get around to sewing it yet.  (I've been so ridiculously busy!  I really can't afford to go places because I have so much to do at home... and yet I do go places and get little done at home. :-P )  I finished another part of one of the Christmas orders:

These are for a little girl at church, and there will be matching ones for her doll too (haven't made them yet).  Her mom wanted me to add ruffles at the hem, something which I was at first very wary about.  Ruffles?  I thought it would look weird.  However, once I finished them, I was very pleased with how they turned out.  The fabric was so cute too.   It's always very encouraging when a sewing project turns out better than you expected. ;-)

What else did I do?  Oh, I worked out the dress to match this one.  Um..... I believe that's all.

Life is so busy!   Busy busy busy.  I'm looking forward to after Christmas, when things should slow down a little.


Miss Laurie said...

Well if your "brother's" name if Fred then you must not be Elinor Dashwood but instead be another of my favorite heroines Margaret Hale from North & South. He was a nice guys too! ;)
I love naming inanimate objects, especially electrical devices like laptops, printers, lawnmowers and especially cars! I hope you and Fred will be very happy together and get lots of sewing projects done! :)
You're on FB too? I just put up a fan page for my blog, I'd love to have you join! (

Hope you're having a great day,
Miss Laurie

Elinor Dashwood said...

Hee hee, I didn't even think of that Fred! Though once I mentioned his name on Facebook, I got lots of comments like, "Oh, when I was little my dad would call me Fred when I was being silly!" and one person's like, "My dad's name's Fred..." (Oops. ;-) )

I'm glad you like naming inanimate objects too! It's fun, isn't it! :-D

~Miss Dashwood, or, Miss Hale? ;-)

Kelly said...

I've never heard of anyone naming a sewing machine, but God gave us imaginations and we are to use them! I love reading about the projects you sew!!!! :D

OnceuponaTime said...

Sergers are fun aren't they?
I don't use mine that much anymore or I should say, my moms. She has a Huskavarna and I have a cheap Singer one that I don't like, because it is more for light sewing and can't keep up with me (lol).
I am sure Fred will serve you well:)