Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Paige's Gray Ball Gown

Another project I worked on while I was away from this blog is a ballgown for a friend of mine. I made it in 2011 for the annual Regency Christmas Ball in Erie, PA, and the following year, Paige wanted to change up the dress a little, so we added some trimmings to change the look.

I used Simplicity #4055, but made significant alterations throughout as usual. 

The fabric Paige chose was a beautiful gray-ish green silky material that provided a truly elegant effect. It's been almost five years since I made this dress, so I regret to say that I don't remember the exact kind of material I used. 

Paige wanted a button-front detail on the dress, so I altered the Simplicity Regency pattern accordingly. The buttons were just for looks, and the dress fastened with a zipper down the back. 


The following year, Paige wanted me to add some details to make the dress look a little different and more complete than it had before. One addition was to add trim down the sides of the bodice. 

I also added trim to the sleeves, a waistband, and a Regency-inspired trim around the hem.

Thanks so much to Paige for allowing me to share these photos, and also for all of her creative input in reinventing the dress in 2012.  Also thanks to Renee S. and Brandon P. for the photos. 


OldFashionGirl said...

I love seeing how you changed it up. It can be such a fun and simple way to fancy a dress up, and sometimes we sewers forget to try it before launching into something from scratch!
I can't wait for more posts!

Are you working on doll clothes or maybe some Regency undergarments first?

Melanie A said...

Thanks! It really was fun to see the ways I could change up the pattern and the overall look.

I am working on some doll clothes to list on my Etsy shop, for starters, and once I can make it to JoAnn's, I plan to get some linen to start on a Regency chemise. I made one years ago, but I'd like to make one again as I ease back into historical sewing. I'm also planning to make a new pair of Regency stays once that's done.

Liberata said...

The gown is beautiful.