Friday, July 31, 2009

One Step Backwards, Two Steps Forward...I hope

Bad news...

I sewed the skirt to the blouse and tried it on and it made me look like a blimp. That's got to be bad, as I am relatively skinny! The neckline was too wide and showed the bumps on the tops of my shoulders, and Mommy didn't like that, and we figured that it would look better to gather it a little. But the question was, "How?" I'd have to cut out a whole entire new bodice; I'd have to start over again from Square 1! And I did not want to do that!

So I presented my problem to my friends on the forum and got some good ideas. "Mrs. Jenny Chancey herself ( :-) ) suggested that these shelves be fit exactly as you see them here..." Oops, no, that wasn't it... sorry... :-P She suggested pulling a drawstring through the space where I understitched the lining. Unfortunately, I understitched very close to the seam, so I will just take that out and re-understitch it a little farther away so I can slip a drawstring through. So while watching P&P (1995) last night with my cousin (who hadn't seen it yet ;-) ) I took out the sleeves, bias, and waistband to fix that lining. Bad idea to do it while watching P&P because now I want to make myself another Regency dress!! Ugh, I'm such a NUT! :-P

Well, I'll let you know how it goes. :-D

Look at all those lovely dresses! :-D


Ana said...

Oh no! How sad. Let us know how it works out!

Anonymous said...

That is sad. :S

Adelheide said...

Another Regency dress never hurt anyone :D

I'm sorry that it isn't going very smoothly, I hope it gets easier!

Liz&Elle said...

Miss Elinor Dashwood,
That is just like something I would do! I'll watch a movie, and decide I just HAVE TO make a dress like "so-and-sos" or a skirt like "what's-her-name!" I don't actually have enough confidence in my sewing to actually sew clothes for me, but I have made several pieces of Barbie clothes and one American Girl dress this summer.
Your sister in Christ,
Liz Darcy