Friday, April 9, 2010

Organizing... Again :-)

"My Aunt Holbrook's sewing table!!"
Actually, it's my grandma's sewing table. :-)  My mom gave it to me to use today.
Look!  What a great many little compartments! :-D
The way I had organized my sewing stuff the other week was better than it had been previously, but I was still dealing with threads getting tangled up in ribbon, needles and pins hiding beneath pattern pieces, etc. :-S  So I decided! :-D

And here's what came of it:
A place for everything...
...and everything... its place! :-D
And now my sewing box is a place to store half-finished projects. :-)
I love the feeling of being organized. :-)  Especially as that's not what I usually am. :-)


Caroline said...

How neat! I've seen these at antique stores before but they are always so expensive that I've never been able to get one! (Not that I need *another* container!)

Cheri said...

How special that it was your grandmothers! What a sweet keepsake. And I love all the storage compartments!

Anonymous said...

That is so neat! It's very pretty and useful! I love the feeling of be organized too. Though I must say that right now my sewing things are not very organized. :)

{ jessica } said...

Oh, I love that! What a great tool when space is limited. I wish I could find something like that!