Monday, April 26, 2010

Picnik effects

Hi! This is Margaret again......I didn't take the following picture but I've been practicing/playing around on Picnik with it and thought I'd post some of the things I did to the picture, and please, tell me which one you think looks best! I want to see ya'lls opinions on them! :)

Fancy Focus

I think I like the Orton best, but tell me which one YOU like best! :)

Photo credit: Google Images


Melanie said...

I really like "Fancy Focus". :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the first one the best.

FoundinFlowers said...

Holga, hands down!

Lizzy said...

I really like the "Holga -ish" one...Nice pictures, Margaret!

Rose said...

Fancy Focas.... I love that one!

Amy, Julia & Michaela said...

Well they are all cool!

Ana said...

I like them all, but I guess I like the first and the last most.

Johanna said...

Oh really? The last one? I liked the first one, CinemaScope.