Monday, January 3, 2011

New Etsy listing and photography

Today I was bemoaning the fact that the pictures on my Etsy shop look so unprofessional.  So Margaret set up a temporary photography studio in the living room and this is what she did:

Isn't she amazing?
Also, today I listed a new dress on the Etsy shop:


beast'sbelle said...

Beautiful pics! Great job, Margaret. :) I love the new dress, too!

Miss Laurie said...

Margaret did an excellent job with the photography!
I love the new wrap dress, it's such a pretty style and fabric! :)

Organizing Mommy said...

The new pictures look very nice! i love the fabric of the new dress. :-)

Marianne Dashwood said...

It looks SO AMAZING. GORGEOUS pictures, and the dresses are beautiful!!

Dreamer Girl said...

Oh those are really wonderful pictures! I love the outfits in the pictures as well!!!!

~ Kelly ~