Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just got pictures from one of my Christmas orders! :-)  The order was four doll pajamas and a pair of pajamas for a very special young friend of mine, Anna, and her dolls.   I had a lot of fun with this project, coming up with different styles of pajamas to use with the same fabric.

Doesn't Anna have a lovely little doll family?

My only disappointment in this project was that Anna's pajamas turned out being way to big.  The pattern I used was one of those "Fast and Easy" patterns and I'm convinced there was something wrong with the sizing chart.  When I was sewing the pjs, they really looked like women's size!  However, they apparently are working fine for Anna and she'll be able to wear them for another couple years at least. ;-)

I have a couple custom sewing orders right now-- an Alice in Wonderland doll dress (the blue dress with the white apron, from the animated Disney version), and a "school jumper" and two doll blouses.  They're coming along okay except for the fact that my serger has been HATING me the last couple days and doing it's best to slow me down and discourage me in my work.  Grrr.  Sergers-- you either love 'em or you hate 'em.  Anyway!  Besides the serger problem, the orders are coming along well and keeping me busy! :-)

What sewing projects have you been working on lately?


Lady Helen Mar said...

She looks so cute! I think you did a very good job.
Through Christ,

Miss Laurie said...

Oh the pjs came out lovely and Miss Anna and her dolls are just too cute! What a nice surprise for her!

I don't sew much but I have been in a crochet frenzy lately. My mom and sister and I are working on scarves that will be used by Special Olympics participants. We're having fun finding different patterns to crochet using the aqua and blue colored yarn.

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

SisterlyLove said...

So cute! I love matching pjs. =] My mom always gets us matching pjs for Christmas eve.

I've been making a regency capelet for a friend's china doll. I'm having so much fun! So far it's working splendidly! I love it when I have an excuse to work on doll clothes! =]

Anonymous said...

Matching doll/people clothes are always fun. Looks like Anna (and her dollies!) really enjoy your gift to them. So cute!

I've been tweaking the long-sleeved blouses I made last year. They felt a bit sloppy, so I tailored them a little, and boy, do they look better now! That, and putting ruffles on the rather pointy collars of ready-made blouses. Makes 'em more feminine.

Ooh, sergers! What gets me is how complicated they are to thread. Yikes. Hope yours decided to behave itself!

God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~