Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Afghan

This afghan I've been working on for a while. That is, I finished the afghan part a long time ago, and then I did thread the ribbon the entire way through...But then I just didn't cut the ribbon. Well, I finally did that today!! :)

The pattern is my own, crocheted with Bernat baby yarn and an F hook.


Shannon said...

Just lovely! I'm so impressed that you did your own pattern, too! The blue ribbon with the white is a very sweet combination.

Yours in Christ,

Caroline said...

Oh I love blue and white! Beautiful work!

Adelheide said...

That is such a beautiful blanket. I love the blue ribbon!

Great job!

amy said...

Wonderful job!!

Ana said...

I really like the blue ribbon in there! That's neat.

Alaina said...

That's pretty!