Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today's Project

Today I made my mock-up for the Edwardian blouse. This one fastens in front and has a standing collar and long, slim sleeves. "Margaret" got a picture of me in it; unfortunately, I forgot to have her get one of the blouse untucked so I could demonstrate how it ties.

You can see that I haven't finished it-- all that I left undone was the buttons, buttonholes, and hemming of the bottom of the blouse. I didn't do any of these because I didn't know whether I would actually wear it or not. What do you think? Even if it is just muslin, do you suppose I could wear it and not look like I was wearing a muslin mock-up?

Note how it blouses in the front. Kind of hard to get quite the right effect, however, with pins and not buttons.

It was funny because while I was making this, I was thinking "Anne of Green Gables". However, when I came out with the completed project (as completed as it is), "Marianne" exclaimed, "It looks just like something Christy Huddleston would wear!"

Ha ha. Well, I have been told that I look like Christy (Kelly Martin-- I think that's the actress' name). Take it whichever way you like. :-)

Now that I've gotten the hang of this pattern, I am going to start making variations on a theme. :-)

P.S. I love the standing collar! :-D


Ashley said...

Elinor, it looks great! You could wear this if you want to; I did with my muslin mock-up. :D Shh, don't tell anyone. ;) And I have to agree with your sister, you do look like Christy Huddleston in it! :)

Rosebud said...

It's great-looking, Elinor, but I've told you that already. :)

Ana said...

It's very nice! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Your blouse is very sweet. I would definitely wear it. I would like to have one just like it.

juli said...

It does look like something Christy would wear! Good job friend!

The Sorta Zoo! said...

It looks just like Cristy...Wow, Great job!