Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buttonholes and Blouses

Forgive me for my lack of posts lately. I've had a good reason. That is, I was stuck; yes, stuck. The dreadful thing: buttonholes. Nineteen of them staring at me with evil snickers. Well, between the efforts of my dear mamma and myself, the buttonholes were finally overcome, but not after having to seamrip and redo several because the machine caught up the bobbin and made a huge big glop on the opposite side. Grrr!

But I am now considering buying a new machine; we went to Case the other day and looked at a gorgeous Baby Lock Grace. (The man at Case demonstrated how to do buttonholes on it, as well as several fancy stitches. They're a breeze!) We will hopefully get that, and then, whew! Won't it make sewing easier!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the finished product:

I like the broach I added to the collar. :-) This is the best shot of the buttons.

Tucked out and tied in the back... next time when I make a back tie, I will probably start the ties in the front so they go around to the back. I wasn't really sure how to do it when I was reading the directions.

The best "long" shot of me, pretending to be grave. ;-) (Though I think by that time people looked a little more cheerful in their pictures. ;-))
I am pretty convinced that the Edwardian style does not suit by body type very well at all, seeing that I am very short-waisted, and the style looks better on a long-waisted person. (Regency is probably my best bet because it does not define the waist.) However, the skirt might have something to do with the chunky, pudgy look; I think skirts in that era were fuller in the back rather than at the hips. I'm still going to finish my Edwardian wardrobe anyway. At least some skirts, because those are absolutely adorable! :-D


Adelheide said...

Beautiful blouse, and congratulations on getting a sewing job! That is such a nice answer to prayer!

Caroline said...

Your blouse is lovely and congratulations on getting a sewing job! My grandmother has a Baby Lock machine and she loves it!

Ana said...

Cee-UTE!!! Good job. It's beautiful!!!

Journey of a Writer said...

The grave look in the early photos comes from the time that it took to capture a photo. And that it was easier to look solomn for a long time, but difficult to keep a smile without moving the cheeks. Otherwise the person's face would be a blur.

I'm glad we don't have to do that anymore :^)

Elinor Dashwood said...


I have heard that about the long time it took to get a photo taken. Pretty much I was just goofing off. Perhaps I was pretending to be a very grumpy person... LOL :-D My sister got some other pictures of me with many different expressions on my face but they didn't show the blouse real well so I didn't post them. ;-)

Thanks for commenting! :-D

The White Way of Delight said...

Just visited your blog and I love it. :) Beautifully done!
-Emily Anne

Elinor Dashwood said...

Thank you for visiting, Emily Anne!

P.S. I love your name; it is beautiful! :-)