Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh no!

My apologies for not having posted in SO long...I haven't been crocheting much since the weather's been nice and I've been busy. But on Thursday, I decided to get out my table runner and work on it a little. To my dismay, I discovered that this:

...had melted through a pocket in my crochet bag onto this...
...leaving this:
A yellow spot! I was upset initially, but then I decided that I'd just finish the project anyhow and ask for advice on how to get hard yellow candy out of your #20 cotton thread table runner. Do any of you have any suggestions of soaps to use or tried-and-true procedures to do?

The spot is about one inch by one inch--not big at all.

I would appreciate any help I can get!!! Thanks!


AnneGirl said...

Oh, no! How awful! I don't have any advice though... Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Crochet cotton is pretty tough stuff but treat the stain as soon as possible and start with a gentle approach first. The sugar from the candy isn't a problem but the yellow dye might stain the cotton.

I would lay it onto a fluffy bath towel. With a facecloth, wet the candy stain. Gently rub it with a little dish soap, tamping it down to get soap all over it, front and back.

To rinse, stretch it over a small bowl or a cup and pour water over it. If the stain does not come out you will have to try something more drastic.

You can try laundry detergent with all-fabric bleach or a stain treater (you can find instructions for different types of stains on the internet).

With some stains, I just pour boiling water through the fabric with a kettle (with the fabric stretched over a bowl).

I hope you get it out easily. That's a cut piece of filet work!

Rosebud said...

:D hehe...

Rosebud said...

Ooops, sorry, I commented with my sister's account!! It was Bethany who wrote that last comment!!:) :)


Ana said...

Oh no, I hope it comes out.