Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Doll and New Doll Dress

The Rebecca doll that I ordered came on Monday! However, I had an issue with her, because her head was off-centered and one of her shoulders was lumpy! So I called Customer Service and they sent me a replacement. They were amazingly prompt-- the doll came in two days! I am very impressed!

So here is Rebecca, or Tatiana, as I have re-named her, to keep her apart from all the other Rebeccas I know! ;-) She is sooooo beautiful!!!
Tatiana is already modeling for me; doesn't she make a gorgeous model? Here she is in my newest doll dress, for sale at TheDashwoodSisters! :-D


Anonymous said...

I love that dress, Melanie!

margaret dashwood said...

She is so pretty!!! Oh, and I love the dress. ;)

momawake said...

Oh, how exciting! Makes me want another "investment." Although, I honestly couldn't call a new doll that since I have no reason to actually invest in one. ;-)

Elinor Dashwood said...

Momawake, I know what you mean!! I am beginning to think I'd like to purchase several more (with the excuse that it's for my shop ;-) ) just because they are so fun and so beautiful! I am so impressed with Rebecca; she is just GORGEOUS!!!

the W. family said...

She is so pretty!! I really like the doll dresses you've made, they are lovely!


Anonymous said...

I love the doll! The dress is very pretty too!