Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hyacinth's Wardrobe

Hyacinth's wardrobe is very characteristic of her personality; she is very "out there", always keeping up to date with the fashions. A great many of her dresses are purple, so they were very hard to categorize. I basically managed to come up with a few different names to differentiate between them.
Note: I have not posted links to patterns for all of these costumes; this page is mainly to provide screencaps for your further study.

Hyacinth's Light Blue Dress

Hyacinth's Mauve Dress

Hyacinth's Purple Paisley Dress
Hyacinth's Purple "Gloomy Day" Dress
Hyacinth's Purple Day Dress
Hyacinth's Purple Afternoon Dress
Hyacinth's Purple Visiting Gown

Hyacinth's London Ball Dress
Hyacinth's Pearl Grey Ball Gown

Hyacinth's Grey Dress

Hyacinth's Black Dress

Hyacinth's Regency Towers Gown
Hyacinth's Towers Dinner Gown

Hyacinth's Wedding Gown

Hyacinth's Apron

Hyacinth's Robe
Hyacinth's Nightgown and Robe

Hyacinth's Purple Mantalet
Hyacinth's Long Purple Cape

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Anonymous said...

She does wear a great deal of purple, doesn't she? As the purple dresses are mainly (if not entirely) worn after she is married to Mr. Gibson, I wonder if this was to illustrate her perceived rise in status from a governess to a tradesman's wife. Purple was traditionally the color of royalty, and was quite expensive. A colorfast purple dye was not invented until the mid to late 19th century, so very few period pieces are purple. A good eye can pick out a garment that was once purple by the peculiar shade of brown it fades to.