Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Just What a Young Man Ought to Be"

We "Dashwood Sisters" love re-making movie scenes. Some of our favorites have been from That Darn Cat (the original, with Hayley Mills) and the Jane Austens. This one is from the '95 Pride & Prejudice. We also have another from that version, and one from the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma that we can share if you really, really want us to. :-D (They were earlier ones though, and not as well done.)

DON'T expect professional filming and acting, or accurate accents and costumes. This was just for FUN. :-)

(I reloaded this a couple times in an attempt to make it not so fuzzy and pixelized. Hopefully this will be okay. *crosses fingers* If not, maybe I'll load it to YouTube.)

Please respect property rights... because this was just a family fun goofy thing, we request that you do not repost it without permission.


Elizabeth Rose said...

That was lovely! You ladies did a wonderful job. :)

The Editrix said...

LOL! Great job, girls! :-D

Gabrielle Renee said...



Anna Kiser said...

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SisterlyLove said...

I love it!!! Post another one please!

And I want to see your "That Darn Cat" scenes as well. We LOVE that movie! "It's the FBI!!!"


Anonymous said...

Hi again 'Elinor'! Or should I say Miss Lizzie Bennett?? LOL I just HAD to put a comment on this, I loved it! Well done! You both got the accents down quite well too. I would love to see a scene from That Darn Cat, I love that film.Do you have a YouTube account? Also, have you seen Summer Magic? It's got Hayley Mills in it too and it's an older film. It's SO cute:-) But anyway, well done on the film to all who contributed to it! Bye! God Bless,

Jess xoxxoxoxoxoxox
P.S. Did you get my email address?

Elinor Dashwood said...

Glad to see votes for the "That Darn Cat" video.... it's probably my favorite of all the ones we've done (I got to play Ingrid!! ;-) ) It was our second one and has lots of inconsistencies (brush in hand at one shot, no brush the next shot...things like that :-) ) but it was soooooo much fun.

I guess, even though this is the "Jane Austen Tour" couple of weeks, I think I'll post the "D.C." scene today. :-)

Jess, Yes, I've seen Summer Magic-- I love that one!! Hm... my sisters and I could remake some scenes from that too! :-)

I don't remember getting your email address... can you resend it and I WON'T publish the comment. :-)

Johanna said...

Loved this one too Ladies! You must make more!

momawake said...

What fun! Great acting!