Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random :-)

Ever since Blogger came out with the "Stats" page on blogger dashboards, I have been intrigued to see what posts on "The Dashwood Sisters" blog are visited most.  Did you know that the Molly's Wardrobe page has been visited 383 times since May?  Following that is the Emma Costume Study at 228 views.  The other pages on the Wives and Daughters costume study, the movie reviews, and the posts from the Anne of Green Gables fashion week all have received a good many views.

I'm glad so many people are visiting my costume study page!  Because of all the views, I thought I would ask my readers, what do you think of the Wives and Daughters Costume Study page?  Is there anything you think I could add to make it more detailed and interesting?  Or do you like it as it is?  Have any of the posts helped you in recreating your own Wives and Daughters costume?  (I should love to see the finished product, if they have helped!)  Would you like to see other characters added to the study?  (I have been planning on screencapping Mrs. Hamley's and the Browning sisters' gowns but have not taken the time to yet.)  What about any new pages?  Please feel free to share.  Just please be kind in your comments and don't slaughter the posts.  You may give ideas, but don't slaughter them. 


momawake said...

I don't see a "Stats" page on my dashboard. Where do find that?

Elinor Dashwood said...

Hm... maybe I had to enable it somehow. I don't remember... Maybe it comes with Draft Blogger, not just Blogger. Anyway, it's a very neat feature!

Milisande Awnia Grim said...

I love it!
I cant believe after all the searching for a good stats page of Wives and Daughters I stumbled across it like an blind dog 2 mnths ago!

momawake said...

I found it just where you said it'd be. Thanks.

Allison said...

LOL! I love "Molly's Wardrobe" page! I've went on there several times to scope out the specifics on her dresses! Thanks so much for doing all that work. I really appreciate it!


Tom said...

Lovely blog!