Friday, August 20, 2010

Another 1890 Doily

I finished this doily several weeks ago, but took quite a long time to actually get pictures of it. :P Click here to see a previous post on a doily made from the same pattern.
This one I made with burgundy-colored thread (obviously!), and I rather like it. :)

Thanks to Margaret for getting the pictures for me. ;)


Emily of A Beautiful Life said...

It's lovely and I love the colour!

Marian said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! It must have taken a lot of patience...I've done some crocheting and knitting in the past, but I can't imagine making a doily. I really like the pattern you picked, too. :) Great job!

Kelly said...

Very beautiful! I love crochet baby blankets and doll clothes, blankets, etc.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty! I like doilies. :D

Hanne-col said...

Lovely, "Marianne", simply lovely!