Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1890s Doily

The pattern for this doily I got from an Old-Time Crochet magazine, and the editors of that magazine got it from an 1890 magazine. :)

***Top view*********
This doily ended up being about 10 inches wide. It was supposed to be 8 1/2 inches, but I had to use size 10 thread instead of 20 because I didn't have size 20. :P

The most challenging part was those boxes in the middle. I had to do them three times in order to get the first two to point the correct direction, but I did master it! :)

I'm looking forward to making another one of these. :)


Anonymous said...

I really like it!

Teddy said...

It's beautiful!!!! I can't imagine how you are always making such things...it's not exactly "my thing". :)

juli said...

That is sooooo amazing! I LOVE it!!!!

The Reynolds said...

whoa... wow... what detailed work! Way to go Amanda! You can come do a teaching class here sometime!:)Amy

Anonymous said...

That's pretty!