Friday, December 4, 2009

40's Inspiration

Tonight we watched the old "Christmas in Connecticut" after not having seen it for a loooong time. Elizabeth's dresses were just too much!! I love them! :-D

In Facebook terms:
Like!Like!! (Ashley made an adorable pair like these.)

Like!!!! Like!

Too many projects... :-P Too much inspiration... ;-)


Meg said...

oh I love that movie and I haven't seen it in forever either! I'm glad you reminded me about it ;)
That would be so cool if you could make some of those dresses, they would look very cute on you I think :) I especially like the one with the long dark skirt and the plaid jacket.

Marianne said...

OH MY, I didn't remember how beautiful her dresses were!!!!

Ashley Nicole said...

Oh, what lovely dresses! I've never seen this movie before, but it looks like it will be on TCM. I'll have to tape it. :D

Bethany A. said...

Love those outfits!!! And I love the movie!!:D


Lillian said...

Hello, I love your blog.

I tagged you - come on over and see!