Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun Fur and the Future

Before Christmas when I went shopping at Macy's, I found this scarf...It was about seven feet long and eight inches wide, and I figured it was knitted with double-strands of Fun Fur (or Cello). It cost $40. No, I didn't buy it - but I did get a good idea for making a FUN scarf like that for MUCH less than $40.

This week, all the yarn at Jo-Ann Fabrics is on sale, so when we went today, I picked up four skeins of Fun Fur! They were $2.99 apiece, from $3.99 - not bad, considering. But that's a total of $12 for who-knows-how-long the scarf will end up being.

The other thing I needed to think about before actually buying the yarn was how I was going to make the scarf. Knitted scarves are much more drapey and stretchy than crocheted ones. If you know me well, you know I don't like to knit - I like to crochet. But I was going to try to pick up knitting again for this scarf anyway. But then I was flipping through a fashion crochet book and read that knitting is so drapey and stretchy because it picks up only one loop while crochet picks up two. So the answer is to work in the back loop only - PERFECT!! So I'm going to crochet this scarf! :D



Melanie said...

It's going to be adorable, Marianne!! :-D

Ashley Nicole said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it, Marianne! :D

Caroline said...

Those are such fun colors! I just bought some new yarn as well. You did better than me though. I spent $12 each for mine!

Hanne-col said...

Love that yarn! I used to think it was crazy looking, but I find myself being drawn to it.

Gabrielle Renee said...

Looks fun!! I can not wait to see the final product!! :D

Margaret Dashwood said...

That yarn is so cute, I can't wait till you finish the scarf! :)

Natasha Atkerson said...

Just a tip, and you may want to ignore me if you've gotten very far! Your gonna want to use another yarn (thicker) because two skeens will only make a short scarf. Like I said, ignore me if your too far into it! :) Good luck!
Ps: BTW I have used this kind of yarn before! :)