Thursday, December 31, 2009

Costumes Inspired by "Wives and Daughters"

On this page, you can find links to other people's projects based off of the different costumes from Wives and Daughters. Lord willing, I will be adding to this collection over time. I am sure these links will be an inspiration to you as they have been to me! :-)

Molly's White Ball Gown ~ made by Aubrey L.
Molly's Blue Sprigged Dress ~ made by Maggie S.
Molly's Berry-Picking Dress ~ made by Melanie A.
Molly's Blue Jumper ~ made by Maggie S.
Molly's Black Jumper ~ made by Maggie S.
Molly's Apron ~ made by Maggie S.
Molly's Grey Coat ~ made by Maggie S.
Cynthia's Pink Floral-Print Gown ~ by Ashley P.

last edited on October 8, 2010


Caroline said...

Those are all lovely!

Teddy said...

Can't wait until you add to it your own creations!

the W. family said...

What lovely outfits! It's always fun to see dresses inspired by ones in a film. :) Thanks for sharing them!