Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meddlesome Kitty :-)

I am leaving on a trip tomorrow and will be gone for four weeks. I might be able to bring my sewing machine (and even if I don't, the people I am visiting have one that I can use) so I am cutting out the pieces for some projects now so I can bring them along and work on them while I'm gone. I was cutting out the pieces for a bolero jacket pattern (Simplicity 2478) and, as usual, Kitty decided she just had to be in the middle of everything, and so.... here she is! :-P

Always so meddlesome. Always having to be in the middle of everything. :P
RIGHT where I was cutting! RIGHT THERE!!! Silly!!
When I was cutting, she thought the scissors were something to play with and was crouching to pounce on them when I moved them away.

Oh, Kitty!
After these pictures were taken, Kitty went and hid in the closet, and when I was cutting the pieces again and not suspecting it, she jumped out at me like a wildcat and tried to "kill" the paper. Silly! Silly silly silly! :-)

I'm sorry for my lack of movie reviews! Ugh!! My bad. :-) I will try to post some more while I'm on my trip but there's no guarantee.


LadyBug-Laurie said...

Silly Kitty! Looks like quite a sweetheart! :)
I have a couple of cats (similar coloring too, only mine are gray) and they love to be in middle of things too. Whenever I try to pack a suitcase there's at least one kitty that tries to go with me! :)

Hope you have a lovely trip!

God Bless,
Miss Laurie :)

SinginginHisName said...

haha my two boy cats do the same thing when Beth or I are cutting!!! They love the paper patterns and fabric as places to sleep or play on! lol

Stephanie Ann said...

My bunny, Boo sits on my fabric when I am trying to cut it out. :D Your kitty is so cute!

Lizzy said...

That sounds a whole lot like my kitty Butterscotch! I think it must be a cat thing?!