Friday, May 21, 2010

The New Pattern I Bought ;-)

I FINALLY bought the Elegant Lady's Closet pattern from Sense & Sensibility!!

I've been wanting to get this for a long time, and was debating between getting this or the Swing dress pattern, which I also really want. But "Marianne" wants me to make her a "Marianne" dress and I like ELC drawstring bodice much better than the Simplicity version, so, ELC ruled. ;-)

Here is a lovely dress from the S&S site, of one of the styles the ELC offers. This is the one "Marianne" would like me to make for her.

And this is what I want to make for me. :-)
Have any of you bought any patterns during this sale? If so, what did you buy? Have any of you tried the Elegant Ladies' Closet pattern, and if so, how do you like it?


~Miss Raquel said...

Greetings Dashwood Ladies!

How fun that we are both planning on making dresses from this same pattern! :) I got this exact one from Sense and Sensibility Patterns in the mail today. My Mother and I will be making the one that Marianne wants you to make for her (for me)! Next Thursday, some friends of ours are hosting a Regency Era ball and I'm all fluttered to have an era resemblance dress. :) Eager to see how yours turns out!

~Miss Raquel

Anonymous said...

How neat, Elinor! I've wanted a Regency dress like the one that "Marianne" wants you to make. I really like that style. After I finish all my Civil War undergarments, maybe that will be my next project! (Unless I've gone "bankrupt" by then :)