Saturday, May 22, 2010


I took our Etsy shop off of vacation mode and added two new doll outfits YESTERDAY, and one of them (the "Box Hill" dress) sold TODAY! WOOHOO!!! That was fast!! :-D I guess I need to keep making these movie costume remakes... ;-)

Today I finished a new project which I will hopefully get pictures of tomorrow. It's a bolero jacket for myself, since I forgot to pack my store-bought one but brought the dresses I need one with on this trip...


Anonymous said...

Amen to your sharing and giving the LORD His Glory due!!! It is releasing His Glory into the world through your Praise!

So glad you sold your little doll dress. Maybe the saying is it and it will sell! :) I need to take that advice also!

I love your blog!

Maiden Warrior said...

That's a very pretty dress!!!! I like it! Oh! by the way, the dresses posted on the sidebar. Do you sell them????
Just a question.

~Kelly Beth~

Elinor Dashwood said...

Yes, we sell the doll dresses on the sidebar (under the words "Our Etsy Shop"). :-)