Monday, September 20, 2010

Jane's Blue Spencer Jacket

A friend on one of the forums I am on requested pictures of Jane Fairfax's wardrobe in BBC's new adaption of Emma.  That considered, I decided to add Jane's wardrobe to my Emma Costume Study (which has been sadly neglected of late!)
I will try to post an extensive list this weekend, as my sisters and I are going to be watching a long movie during which time I can do a lot of screencapping ;-) , but for now, here is Jane's Spencer jacket, which my friend specifically requested.

It is dark blue, and crossed over in the front.

 I wonder if it fastens with hook-and-eyes underneath, as no buttons or ties are apparent.

Sorry, this is the best I could get of the back. :-S

The Sense and Sensibility Regency Spencer/Pelisse Pattern can probably be altered to make Jane's.  While cutting out the front piece, you might extend in the opening farther so that it crosses over like Jane's, and then fasten it with hook-and-eyes.
Picture from Sense and Sensibility's site.