Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meet Our New Etsy Model!

This week Sonali joined us at The Dashwood Sisters Etsy Shop!
Technically, Sonali is one of the "best friends" of last year's "Girl of the Year", Chrissa.  As she is retired/archived, it was a long search for one of her that didn't cost $130 or more, but I finally was able to purchase her from a board member on the American Girl Fans page at about the same price as I could have bought her from the catalog plus shipping. I'm so excited! :-D

In the AG book, Chrissa, Sonali starts out as a bully in school, but throughout the story realizes how wrong she was and begins to stand up against bullying instead.
But that's not my Sonali.

 My Sonali is a sweet ten-year-old girl and is, at first, quiet and shy (in contrast to Rebecca's extremely excited and enthusiastic nature and Kirsten's "oldest-sister" outgoing personality).  And yet, despite being shy, she has a huge heart for others and longs to reach out to people with the Gospel of Christ.  Just as her dark skin, deep brown eyes, and gorgeous black hair reflect her Indian/Tamil heritage, so does her passion for winning souls reflect her Christian heritage.  Her grandmother's life was impacted by the ministry of Amy Carmichael in India; now Sonali wishes to impact others the same way.  One of the ways she'd like to do that is by writing.  We'll have to see what she  comes up with! :-)

Sonali loves her new family and is also excited about her new job with the Dashwood Sisters Etsy Shop.  She has already modeled an adorable, plaid corduroy "back-to-school" jumper

I have been doing a LOT of sewing doll clothes... five new listings in two weeks plus another outfit that I'm debating whether to sell or keep... and haven't taken the time to work any more on the shirt I was making for myself. ;-)  As I said previously, I am interesting in making a new Regency or Romantic era gown or pelisse for myself; I have yet to decide which movie gown or pelisse I want to re-make though. :-) 


OldFashionedCharm said...

Welcome Sonali! It's so nice to meet you! Your such a beautiful young lady and I look forward to getting to know you a little more. Please tell Miss Elinor that the school jumper she made is just lovely!

Kelly said...

Oh wonderful! AG girls are my favorite dolls! I hope Sonali will be able to help others who need it. My AG girl Felicity loves doing the same thing!!!

Johanna said...

Oh, so glad to meet you Miss Sonali!!! You are such a beautiful model, and I can tell you have a real Passion for God! Can't wait to read some of your upcomming articals!

Johanna said...

P.S. LOVE the plaid dress! SO cute, I just love plaid!

momawake said...

I love that your Sonali has a beautiful personality as well as a beautiful face. (If I ever get Julie, which I doubt I do, I'll be changing her story. I actually call it rescuing her from her story.)


Elinor Dashwood said...

Sonali says "thank you" to all who greeted her! :-)
momawake, When you rescue Julie from her story, please feel free to share her new story with me! I read just her first book but I wasn't impressed at all. :-/