Monday, September 6, 2010

Project Ideas... :-)

 What to do with a JoAnn's Gift Card?
I'd like to make something historical, as it's been quite a while since I've made myself something historical.  The problem is, I can never seem to make up my mind. :-)

 "My fancy tends towards this one..."  And it does.  I really love this pelisse (?) of Marianne's. 

I like this pelisse too (the one Marianne is wearing).
And this one of Emma's.
But I would kind of like to make a dress too.  Here are the options currently looking good to me: 

Emma's Orange Floral Gown:
Marianne's Crossover Gown (I might do a different color for myself):
Molly's Red Dress:

Or I can be practical and make something modern, like this red jacket here (adorable!):
Or I can be ever so impractical (and expensive and creative) and make this breathtaking gown of Buttercup's:
And I mean breathtaking.  It blew me away when I first saw it!  SOOOOOOO gorgeous!

Anyway.  I'd love to hear your opinions on what I should make, or at least which ones you like. :-)  Hopefully I'll come to a conclusion soon.  I am leaning towards the first one I listed (Marianne's...pelisse?  What is that called??)  because I can wear it over my white Regency gown.  But I'm not totally sure yet.  :-)


nzkiwigirl said...

Hi Elinor!
I love all the dresses/jumpers you put up there! They are all so nice, no wonder you're struggling to choose:-) I'm really bad at deciding too! Well I thought the first one; Marianne's pelisse was really nice and something to go over a number of regency dresses, or Marianne's crossover dress--I love that one! Crossover dresses are my one weakness:-)
Buttercup's dress is beautiful, in fact heart-stopping! But it would have a lot of material right?
God bless
Love from,


Bree said...

I think you should make Buttercup's dress. I love that dress, too. :)


momawake said...

I can see why it would be hard to choose. Pick one to make now and another to make later after you acquire another Joann's gift card. ;-)

Kelly said...

Oh I love Buttercup's dress! But I also love Marianne's crossover dress!!!!! I love regency gowns and medieval gowns!!!!! It really is a matter of what you like. I like to make skirts. (There so simple)

Lily Litten said...

I would definitely make Buttercup's dress. But for practical reasons, I would probably go with the crossover gown.


Rosie said...

I wish that *I* had a gift card. What fun!
I'll be waiting to see what you decide to make.
I think I would go with the medieval, but a pelisse sounds lovely too.

beast'sbelle said...

I have to go with the majority here and say either Buttercup's gown or Marianne's crossover gown. What beautiful dresses! I grew up watching the Princess Bride...I love that movie! :) And of course, Sense and Sensibility's great, too. Have fun sewing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Buttercups dress!!!:) I also thik that the crossover gown is so lovely!

Happy sewing!

Love, Meg

Ring Family said...

I really like crossover Regency dresses! :) But the pelisse would be nice too (to wear over your Regency dresses). They are all beautiful!