Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Marianne Dashwood Dress~ Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, Post 4

 I can't believe the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival is already almost over!   Have you been keeping up with it on Atlanta's blog?  There have been some amazing entries!  I am so inspired now to sew more historical costumes!

I so wish I had remembered on time to make the many other costumes I'd love to re-create.  Perhaps I will do a post next week about those-- only it might be a very very long post. 

Here is my fourth and last post for the Historical Costuming Inspiration Festival...

I love this dress of Marianne's! I would love to make one like it for myself...
...but instead I made a doll-sized version.
The fabric is not the same color, but the construction details are the same. :-)

I used the Josefina's Christmas Dress Pattern as a base, but made several alterations. I added about an inch to the width of the front bodice piece so that it would have room to gather. The sleeves I borrowed from another pattern so that they would be slightly gathered at the top (but not puffed) and cut them at 3/4 length. I also created a waistband like Marianne's.

Well, that is all for my Costume Inspiration entries.  Hopefully, you will be seeing more in the future. :-)  Now, ladies, we all must try to convince Atlanta to do this festival again next year!!

P.S. I could not enter these because they were not my work, but if you want to be further inspired, check out the "Costumes Inspired by Wives and Daughters" page of my Costume Study series!


SisterlyLove said...

That is so cute! That dress of Mariannes is my favorite dress of ALL the Jane Austen films. Pretty!!


Maiden Warrior said...

So pretty! I love that dress of Marianne's!!!!!! You have such a gift Elinor!