Friday, October 8, 2010

My Molly Gibson Dress~ Historical Costuming Inspiration Festival, Post 3

 Here's my third post for the Historical Costuming Inspirational Festival!

This post is about my "Molly" dress.  It found its main inspiration in what I call "Molly's Berry-Picking Dress" (for lack of a better name.)  

 It was originally meant to have elements of both this dress and the one following, Molly's Orange Sprigged Dress, but once I had made up the bodice, the collar was too wide, so I ended up gathering it instead, so the only similarity is that the back fastening.

Anyway, that said, here is my dress; the first picture was taken when I first made it, and the others are from today, with me wearing my new, $5 crinoline underneath.

For this dress, I used Sense and Sensibility's Romantic Era Dress pattern.  I raised the waistline so that I could wear the dress with my short stays since I don't have a full-length, Romantic era corset... I kind of wish I hadn't raised the waistline because I think it makes me look kind of blimpy, but oh well.  The skirt is also a little too short, especially with the crinoline underneath.

The fabric I used was just a cotton print from JoAnn Fabrics.
"I don't think you would have called Molly a lady the other day, Miss Browning, if you had found her where I did: sitting up in a cherry tree, six feet from the ground at least, I assure you!"
-Wives and Daughters, chapter 21

Actually, I was in a crab apple tree.


Joanna said...

That is so pretty! Blue is a great color on you.

Surprisingly, just having your hair up makes a big difference...It makes the dress look more elegant!


OldFashionedCharm said...

Simply lovely! The fabric is exquisite, light and lovely! I love your photos, you look as if you could be Molly's cousin! So perfect! :)

momawake said...

It's lovely. :)

Atlanta said...

Ooh! I love it! Now I want a 'Molly' dress!!

Hanne-col said...

Ah, it's so perfectly lovely, "Elinor"!

Kellie said...

I love Molly Gibson - and I love this dress! You did a wonderful job!
I want one now, too. . . ;)


Elegance of Fashion said...

It's very pretty and nicely made. Well done!

The Dreamstress said...

What a lovely dress! It looks beautifully put together. I actually like the raised waistline, and think that it is very charming on you.

I definitely like the dress better without the crinoline though, and it matches the inspiration more closely.

And I adore that you climbed a tree to take a picture!