Monday, October 11, 2010

Regency Gowns Yet to Come!

I am so thrilled!!  We just found out that we, Lord willing, will be attending a Regency-themed Christmas Ball in December!!!  I am SO EXCITED, for one reason, because I've always wanted to attend a Regency ball, and for another reason, I never thought I'd have the opportunity to make and wear a Regency ballgown, and now I do! 

Marianne and Margaret have already told me what kind of dress they would like me to make them.  Marianne is interested in a dress similar to the dress Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) wears to Box Hill in the Mirimax version of Emma, or View A of the Simplicity version of Jennie Chancey's Regency Dress pattern.
 Margaret is interested in a dress similar to Emma's green evening gown in the 2009 BBC miniseries of Emma.
Now, you think I know which gown I want to make?
Me?  Indecisive me?
No way!
A hundred options lie before me.  Well, maybe not a hundred, but in any case, I have a lot of ideas.

 I love the following two dresses from Persuasion.  We'll call them Anne's Rose-Colored Evening Gown and Anne's Concert Gown (because she wears it to the opera concert).

I'm not sure why, but have always liked this dress of Charlotte's. I'd make the waistline lower though.

 Then there is the afore-admired Marianne Crossover Dress, but would it be practical for dancing in?

I also just noticed this lovely dress from Becoming Jane.  I've always wanted a green gown.
This would be a little later than Regency, but I do love Amy Dorrit's ballgown/wedding gown too.

What do you think?  Which of the above should I make for myself?  Or should I be creative and make something of my own imagination?


Lily Litten said...

I love that dress from 'Becoming Jane!' That color is really pretty, and I like the simple design.


Marian said...

I love the Becoming Jane gown and Anne's Rose-Colored Evening Gown! But if I were making a costume for a ball, I would pick Amy Dorrit's gown, and change it a little to make it look more Regency. I think that would probably be more comfortable to dance in.

Oh, and Emma's green gown is one of my favourites!!

nzkiwigirl said...

Little Dorrit's dress is so cute!
And I love Charlotte's dress as well.
Those two are my faves...
I know, I can't believe they would put those dresses in that Pride and Prejudice! Crazy.
They look like nightgowns! LOL
Have fun deciding:-)
Lots of love and God bless

Miss Mia said...

I am making the Simplicity Pattern A dress. But i am using the B sleeves. Its coming along nicely.
I like Marrianes Crossover Dress the best out of your selections. May i recommend Charlotte Lucas (2005) dresses? She has some very pretty modest selections.

In Christ
Miss Mia

beast'sbelle said...

I like Anne's concert dress from Persuasion (although all of your choices are pretty). Hope it isn't too tough for you to decide. Being an indecisive person myself, I can sympethize. :) I'm so excited you get to go to the Regency Ball! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Joanna said...

I just love Anne's rose colored gown, but Amy Dorrit's is very pretty as well. Actually, they are all great. I can't wait to see your posts on them!

Anonymous said...

I like Amy Dorrit's dress. :)

Lady Helen Mar said...

Oh, how fun! I personally like the blue dress, Charlotte's I believe.
I have that pattern but have yet to use it. Have you used it before? I am looking forward to the finished dresses!
Through Christ,

Elinor Dashwood said...

@Lady Helen,
I've used that pattern, View B, for my two Regency gowns. I haven't made View A yet though. It's a good pattern, though I think I'd prefer the Sense & Sensibility (patterns) version better.

momawake said...

I like the Simplicity one on the left. But it would be so hard to decide. I also think Sense & Sensibility's patterns/instructions are somewhat difficult. I had to totally remake the bodice pattern on the Regency I made for Amy. I have that Simplicity pattern but haven't tried it. I'm sure you'll look great in whatever you decide.

And you are very sweet and thoughtful to be sensitive concerning modesty issues. I wish everyone had that kind of heart.