Friday, November 27, 2009

Done With Cynthia's Wardrobe.... I think?

Hey folks!

Click on the "Wives and Daughters project" link on my sidebar and check out Cynthia's page! Is it just me...did I miss an episode or does Molly really have that many more outfits than Cynthia? What do you think of the collection? If you think of an outfit that I forgot, please leave me a comment and let me know. :-)

Now, shall I do Mrs. Gibson, Lady Harriet, or Aimee next? :-)

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SinginginHisName said...

I have only seen the movie once, so I am not sure if you left anything out. I do love how you are doing this series on all of their dresses! Its such a treat to see and I love this era especially! its my favorite era! I want to have a romantic dress sometime in the future. Not sure when though.

I emailed you! Not sure if you got it yet. Its fine if you are busy. I emailed you a long email. Thanks for being willing to email and talk about your Church story.