Friday, January 2, 2009

Cynthia's Corset

We get a look at Cynthia's corset several times throughout Wives and Daughters. The first time is when they are preparing for the ball.

This is definitely not what you want to wear if you are into doing impromptu acrobatics! ;-)
Here you see a closer-up view of the gussets. You can also see the straps of her chemise.
It was difficult to get any view of the back of the corset, as the only shot of it is Cynthia running to the window and then the hallway. But here is a side view: Here is two shots of her unpacking it, which, though a little fuzzy, may give you a better idea of the overall construction (including the boning).

Sarah Jane used Mantua Maker's Regency corset pattern for a Romantic era corset similar to Molly's and Cynthia's. Check out her alterations here. However, hers does not have the V at the waistline and the boning is different.

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