Thursday, January 1, 2009

Molly's White Dinner Gown

Molly's white dinner gown that she wears at the Hamley's in the first episode is one of my favorites; it is so sweet and lovely, and yet contains such intricate detail.

Note the "V" pattern of the fabric in the front. Isn't it lovely? Note also the little "wings" on the shoulders.

The bodice seems to be made of some kind of eyelet fabric. Here is an up-close look at it. You can see her chemise (or petticoat?) underneath.
A view from the back. Again, you can see her petticoat under the fabric.

A close-up view of the back, and the interesting pattern of the fabric (it "V's" as it does in the front.)
My favorite part of this dress is the GORGEOUS ruffles on the skirt! I got three different shots of it but I will only share on with you now, just in case you might get bored with all of them! (Though this skirt is too lovely to get bored over! :-) )

You can probably mix and match Sense and Sensibility's Regency era and Romantic era dresses to recreate this gown. In Timely Fashion explores this dress in detail and provides information about the intricate design of the bodice.


Julia Rogers said...

I SOOOO agree Molly's is one of my favorite "period drama" heroine's!!!! And her clothes are some of the most likely i would duplicate! Thanks so much for this costume study i LOVE it!!

Melody said...

I've always 'aaahhhh'ed over this dress. =)