Friday, January 2, 2009

Cynthia's Dinner Party Dress

Okay, yeah, so what other name do I give this dress? :-P

It is very lovely and has the most interesting detail. My younger sister has said that if I did make her a Romantic era dress, she would like one like this. However, the design is so interesting that I am not sure I would know how.

Here's a side view:

A close up view of the interesting fabric on the flaps on the shoulders.

It has a pretty, ruffled skirt.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely one of Cynthia's prettiest frocks! Love the hat, too.

One option for the collar and bodice detail(s) is to use old tablecloths, runners, etc., with embroidery in the corners and/or along the center, then get a pattern with a large collar that looks like the one in the pictures.

God Bless,
'Wild Rose'