Saturday, January 10, 2009

Emma's Blue Apron

 I really need to make an apron like this...

 Here's the back:
A view of the side-back:
Another view of the front:

I am thinking about trying to re-create this apron.  I'll let you know how it turns out when I do. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi :-)

I've been looking around at aprons. AND I've even thought about making my own one as well. Because I love the one Mary Poppins has. And the exact match can't be found anywhere. I just came across your page though, and love this apron you're thinking about making. It's so pretty, and probably a lot more comfortable than the one I've been looking for. If you make it, would you consider making a second, so I can buy one off you? I know it's a bit random, and I would totally understand if it's too much to do two :-) name is flower mummy on facebook, you can message me on there, if you want to sew an extra for me.
Blessings from Roseanne :-)