Friday, January 2, 2009

Cynthia's Preston-Meeting Dress

Okay, so another goofy name for the dress, but I just wasn't sure what else to call it. ;-)

This is another one of Cynthia's dresses that I like.
Two darts on either side of the bodice; lacy trim on the neckline...

Closer up on the neckline:

The best shot I could get of the back. ;-)
Isn't the skirt lovely?

As usual, I recommend Sense and Sensibility's Romantic era dress pattern for this dress!

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TomWildRose said...

Definitely one of my favorites from Cynthia's wardrobe. :-)

You might also call it "Cynthia's White Sprigged (or Flowered) Gown."

God bless,
~"Tom Wild Rose"~