Thursday, January 1, 2009

Molly's Africa Outfit

It is such a devestating fact that Mrs. Gaskell died before she could finish writing Wives and Daughters!! I think BBC did a wonderful job, however, coming up with an ending. Molly's going with her husband to Africa is right in line with her character and a good contrast to Cynthia's life of luxury, "living in Sussex place, keeping a groom, and I know not what!"

Because I have no idea how to reproduce this outfit of Molly's or what pattern to use, I will just supply the pictures and allow you to take your own notes! :-)

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Anonymous said...

The quote is "living in Sussex Place, keeping a brougham, and I don't know what." A brougham was a very fashionable closed carriage used by the rich and trendy in the early 19th century. It's pronounced "broom."