Thursday, January 1, 2009

Molly's Two Brown Cloaks

Here is a brown cloak that Molly wears to the Hamleys in Episode 1.

Note the collar and the silk-looking lining in the hood.

You can see the inside of the long part of the cloak here. What material do you suppose it is?
When I saw this cloak, from Episode 3, I thought it might be the same one.

However, on closer examination, I began to think it probably is not the same one. Look at the way the fabric doubles back for a lining (the other one didn't look like that):

And no silk lining on the hood:I'm not sure of the material on this dress either.

I wonder if the second cloak might be re-created using View B of Butterick 4419. I am not sure about the first cloak though.

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